There are no active ballots at this time.


Report SDR V5-2rev 1SM-06-01 - Recommended Standard NTCIP 2103 Version 02 - closed (Ballot sent to SCOH for approval and BOD notified Apr 5, 2006)

NTCIP 1204v02 RS and NTCIP 8007 RS- closed - approved by SCOH Mar 21, 2006

NTCIP 1211 SB - closed - approved by SCOH Dec 22, 2005

SSOM recorded 36 votes in favor of adopting this standard on November 21, 2005. SCOH will vote (Ballot HW-05-12) and the Board of Directors has been notified. The SSOM committee will be informed when SCOH has made its decision on the standards below.

SSOM has completed this voting process with 38 affirmative votes and the ballot is now closed. As of November 14, 2005, the STANDING COMMITTEE ON HIGHWAYS BALLOT HW-05-11 ON NTCIP STANDARDS 1103, 1104, 8004 was approved with 37 affirmative votes to accept the standards listed above. There were no opposing votes and there were no objections from the AASHTO Board of Directors to let SCOH make the final decision. Supporting Documents