​ Connected Vehicles
This guidance is intended to assist FHWA staff and transportation system owner/operations deploy vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology, not only in terms of the Federal-aid Highway program requirements, but also practices to help endure interoperability and efficient and effective planning/procurement/operations. It is not intended to be an introduction to the connected vehicle (CV) technology; however, there are several quick reference web links to videos, slide presentations, and information modules related to the fundamental principles of connected vehicle technology in the appendix.

Presentations from 11th AASHTO International Day

National Connected Vehicle Field Infrastructure Footprint Analysis

IntelliDrive Strategic Plan

The IntelliDrive Strategic Plan is an AASHTO document d​escribing future directions for AASHTO in the Connected Vehicle Program from 2009 forward, which still has relevance today.  The AASHTO General Concept for Deployment​ is a description of future work suggested to be done by AASHTO to advance the connected vehicle program, also still relevant today

A recent webinar recording by FHWA is available at the following link:

Connected Vehicles FHWA Webinar