2012 and Earlier Meetings

18th Annual ITS World Congress

The 2011 SSOM Annual meeting was held in Orlando, FL on Wednesday October 19th, and in conjunction with the ITS America meeting and the 18th meeting of the World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
ITS World Congress Powerpoint presentations
11/15/11 SSOM 2011 Annual Meeting Final Agenda

09/17/11 September 16, 2011 SSOM Webinar

Powerpoint presentations

2009 SSOM and SCOTE in Manchester, NH

Joint Meeting of SSOM and SCHOT

2008 SSOM and SCOWT in San Francisco, CA

2008 SSOM and SCOWT Meeting Presentations

2007 National Congestion Summits http://stsmo.transportation.org/Pages/2007NationalCongestionSummits.aspx

In recognition of the serious impact that congestion has to the nation's economic future, and the key role state transportation departments must play in resolving it, AASHTO conducted congestion summits in cooperation with the 2007 meetings of its four regional affiliates. A summary presentation and discussion were held at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in September.

The purpose of these summits was to identify innovative strategies and initiatives states have used and share with other state DOTs what was possible and how leadership could make a difference in improving transportation system performance.

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Congestion Summit Summary Report 2007


Second International Symposium on Technology Transfer

July 30 - August 3, 2006, Saint Petersburg Florida

Meeting Presentations

Road Investment and Management Issues in the United States
Presented by Dr. Anthony Kane, Director of Engineering and Technical Services, AASHTO.

The documents below are presented for informational purposes only and are posted for individual reader's use. The opinions expressed in their contents are solely those of the authors and do not reflect the policy positions of AASHTO or any of its member departments, and their posting does not imply endorsement.

National Highways Development in India
Presented by C. Balakrishnan, Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

IPR - Technology Transfer
Presented by Chequer Jabour Chequer Coordinator of the Road Research Institute (IPR) of Brazil.

ITS in Work Zones Workshop and Peer Exchange 
9/12 - 9/13/2005, St. Louis, Missouri

Presentations from workshop are below:

Overview of ITS in Work Zones, Tracy Scriba, FHWA

Session 1: Why Use ITS in Work Zones? 
Operational and Safety Benefits of Using ITS in Work Zones, Mike Fontaine, Virginia 
Paving the Information Highway First: Gaining Public Trust though Reliable Communication, Brian Manthey, Wisconsin

Session 2: Specifications and Contracting 
Essential Elements of a SMARTZONE Contract, Steve Kite, North Carolina 
How MN/DOT Designs and Contracts ITS Applications in Work Zones, Sue Groth, Minnesota

Session 3: Implementation and Evaluation 
Planning for and Implementing a Workzone ITS Project, Tracy Scriba, FHWA 
Evaluation of ITS Technologies, Jawad Paracha, Maryland 

Case Studies:

I-70 Blanchette Bridge WZ ITS, Tom Ryan, Missouri 
I-64 Add-lane Traffic Monitoring System, Brian Sneed, Illinois

Roundtable, Part 1: New Developments in WZ ITS Technology 
Using Real Time Traffic Data to Improve Work Zone Safety, John J. Collins, ITS 
Cellular Technology for Traffic Data Collection for Work Zone Safety, Richard Mudge, Delcan Inc.

Roundtable, Part 2: Examples/Case Studies of Deployments 
22 Renew, Rick Sesny, Pennsylvania

International Transportation Day at the ITS World Congress

November 5, 2005, San Francisco, California

Meeting Presentations

51101JPN presentation Jim's Version

International Transportation Day USA v2

VII - AASHTO Internat'l Day (11-6-05)